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Sebastian Vollm
  • August 18th, 2023
  • 3 min read

MiningPY celebrates new Partnership with 2BMiner

The strategic union between us will develop the cryptocurrency mining sector in Paraguay even further. 2Bminer and MiningPY, is paving the way for a promising and sustainable future. The hallmark of this partnership, a cryptocurrency mining hosting service in Paraguay equipped with cutting-edge technology from Bitmain's L7 devices, represents a significant milestone and echoes the companies' commitment to operational excellence and innovation.

The project, with an electrical capacity of 1MW, is a tangible manifestation of the relentless pursuit of energy efficiency. The integration of Bitmain's renowned L7 devices, known for their exceptional performance, serves as a concrete testament to this joint effort. However, this partnership goes beyond hardware, with MiningPY, specialized in logistics, infrastructure, and consulting, providing the entirety of the infrastructure required for the project.

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Sebastian Vollm (MiningPY COO), Michal Bílek (2Bminer CSO) and Jakub Hlavenka (2Bminer CEO)

MiningPY, encompassing services ranging from consultancy to tailored infrastructure solutions, solidifies its role as a reference in the Paraguayan cryptocurrency mining landscape. This endeavor is just the starting point of a partnership that promises even more ambitious projects on the horizon.

The synergy between 2Bminer's technical expertise and MiningPY's versatility forms the foundation of this innovative collaboration. Together, they not only pursue excellence and sustainability but also set a new standard in the cryptocurrency mining industry, where innovation is harmonized with responsible practices.

This inaugural project is a harbinger of a substantial collaboration. As the partnership evolves.

2Bminer and MiningPY are poised to take on greater challenges, driving positive change in the cryptocurrency mining landscape and solidifying their positions as visionary leaders in the industry.

Sebastian Vollm